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Prescription Drugs

Applies to Active employees

Both the Personal Care Account (PCA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan Options provide prescription drug coverage through CVS/caremark. You are not required to go to a CVS pharmacy; others are in-network. However, there are additional services at CVS pharmacies, and using a CVS pharmacy to fill your long-term medications for a 90-day supply helps both USAA and retirees better manage costs.

USAA_STT_Infographic_v4-01_002.pngSee an infographic on the cost savings of generic drugs.

You can use the Check Your Drug Cost Tools to learn about how medications are covered under your plan. 





$7 copay (retail)

$14 copay (mail order)

$7 copay (retail)

$14 copay (mail order)


You pay 10% with minimum & maximum prescription:

Retail — $45 minimum/$90 maximum 

Mail order — $90 minimum/$180 maximum

You pay 10% after Deductible


You pay 30% with minimum & maximum prescription:

Retail $75 minimum/$150 maximum

Mail order $150 minimum/$300 maximum

You pay 30% after Deductible

1In the HSA Plan Option, you must meet your deductible before the $7 copay applies for non-preventive generics. For preventive medications, the $7 copay will always apply whether or not you have reached your deductible.

2Certain brand name preventive medications for diabetic and respiratory conditions will be available for $7.

Remember: Use generics to help save on prescription costs. Ask your doctor or pharmacy if generic alternatives exist. Consider using the CVS mail order pharmacy for cost savings and added convenience.




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