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Paying your claims

You have several options when it comes to paying for your medical care. After your doctor or pharmacy has submitted your claim to Aetna or CYC, you can pay with your CYC payment card, drawing funds from your HSA or PCA to pay for the expense. Or, you can pay out of pocket and then submit a manual claim for reimbursement online through the CYC employee portal or via the CYC mobile app.

If you receive a bill, you can pay your provider through the CYC employee portal by using the “Pay a Provider” tool. Most claims in the CYC system will be automatically verified. If the claim is not automatically approved and more information is required, the system will send you a message asking for additional documentation.

You can also choose to pay out of your own pocket and save your HSA or PCA dollars for expenses in future years, for example, expenses that may arise in retirement.



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